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Past Events


Dr. Carlos Jurado (UCL Ear Insitute) "The patterns of low-frequency loudness perception: a new look." Venue: Lecture theatre, Psychology Building, Downing Site. Time: 2:15pm


Livia de Hoz (Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine) "Subcoritcal processing of background statistics." Venue: Lecture theatre, CBU. Time: 11am


Dr. Brett Swanson (Cochlear Ltd.) "Cochlear Implant Pitch Perception." Venue: Lecture theatre, CBU. Time: 2:15pm


Rhodri Cusack (Trinity College, Dublin)"Neuroimaging of the emergence of cognition in infants and its clinical applications."

05/06/17 Laura Gwilliams (New York University) "In spoken word recognition, the future predicts the past." Venue: Lecture theatre, CBU. Time: 3pm
18/05/17 Jackson Graves (University of Minnesota) "Perception of Multiple Simultaneous Complex Pitches: Effects of Harmonic Resolvability." Venue: Lecture theatre, Psychology Building, Downing Site. Time: 2:15pm
08/02/17 Dr. Bob Carlyon (CBU) "Do PANIC! Hearing research at the CBSU." Venue: Lecture theatre, CBU. Time: 3:30pm
06/02/17 Dr. Bob Carlyon (CBU) "Signal Detection Theory: What it is and why you need it (please bring a calculator)." Venue: Seminar Room, CBU. Time: 4pm
15/12/16 Hearing Group Christmas Symposium. Time: 12.00-5.30 pm Location: Lightfoot Room, Divinity School, St. John’s College [ Final_programme_2016.pdf]
24/11/16 Prof. David Baguely (University of Nottingham) "Are we any closer to understanding and treating tinnitus?" Venue: Lecture theatre, CBU. Time: 3:30pm
17/11/16 Prof. Ingrid Johnsrude (University of Western Ontario) "How attention and sound quality affect how well we understand and remember speech." Venue: Lecture theatre, CBU. Time: 3:30pm

Dr. Richard Turner (University of Cambridge) "Intelligent hearing tests using Gaussian Processes." Venue: Lecture theatre, CBU. Time: 3:30pm


Prof. Tobias Moser (University of Göttingen). "Sound encoding in the cochlea: from molecular physiology to optogenetic restoration." Venue: Hodgkin-Huxley seminar room, PDN. Time: 4:30pm


Prof. Toshio Irino (University of Wakayama) and Dr. Roy Patterson will present an informal hearing group talk on "Measuring auditory filter gain and shape." Venue: Brian Matthews Room, PDN. Time: 2pm

23/09/16 Prof. Susan Shore (University of Michigan) "Desynchronizing a tinnitus circuit: from bench to bedside." Venue: Seminar room, CBU. Time: 2pm
13/09/16 Prof. Michael Akeroyd (MRC IHR, University of Nottingham) "Do hearing aids help to localize sounds?". Venue: Seminar room, CBU. Time: 2.15pm.
14/07/16 Dr. Issa Panahi (University of Dallas) "Smartphone Assisted Noise-Adaptive Speech Enhancement for Hearing Aids". Venue: Lecture Theatre, Psychology building, ground floor; Time: 2.15pm.
07/07/16 Prof. Bill Yost (University of Arizona) "Sound Source Localization When Listeners Move."". Venue: CBU Seminar room, Cambridge; Time: 1.00pm.
11/04/16 Prof. Chris Plack (University of Manchester) "Our (mostly futile) search for hidden hearing loss". Venue: CBU Lecture Theatre, Cambridge; Time: 2.15pm.
20/03/16 Dr. Stefano Cosentino (CBU) "Dual-stage algorithm to identify channels with poor electrode-to-neuron interface in cochlear implant users". ICASSP 2016, Shanghai, China.
08/02/16 Maria Chait (Ear Institute, UCL) "How the brain discovers patterns in sound sequences". Time: 14.15. Location: CBU Seminar Room, CB2 7EF.
04/12/15 Dr. Stefan Launer (Phonak(R), Switzerland), "Hearing Instrument Technologies - What features are we not addressing yet". Time: 14:15. Location: Ground floor Seminar room, Craik-Marshall building.
04/12/15 Event: Christmas Symposium. Time: 12.00-5.30 pm Location:Lightfoot Room, Divinity School, St. John’s College [FINAL PROGRAMME]
10/11/15 Dr. Stefano Cosentino (CBU, Cambridge), "Neural survival for cochlear implant users: what’s under the hood (but inside the cochlea)". Event: CBU Science Day. Location: CBU Lecture Theatre. Time: 15.20.
26/10/15 Dr. Tobias Reichenbach (Imperial College London), "Biophysics of the inner ear and beyond". Location: The Hodgkin Huxley Seminar Room, Department of Physiology Development and Neuroscience. Time: 16.30-18.00.
04/09/15 Dr. Bob Carlyon (CBU, Cambridge), Title:"Across-electrode variations in rate discrimination and gap detection in cochlear implant users". Location: BSA conference, Cardiff. Time: 10.00
01/09/15 Dr. Stefano Cosentino (CBU, Cambridge), Title:"Multistage nonlinear optimization to recover neural activation patterns from ECAPs". Location: CBL seminar room, no. 438, University of Cambridge. Time: 14.00
19/08/15 Joseph Schlittenlacher (Technische Universität Darmstadt), Title: "Measurement of loudness by simple reaction time". Location: ground floor of the main Psychology building, University of Cambridge. Time: 14:00
05/08/15 Dr. Jaime Serquera (Technische Universität Darmstadt), Title:"Music technology for tinnitus treatment within TINNET". Location: ground floor of the main Psychology building, University of Cambridge. Time: 14.15
11/06/15 Prof. Andrew Oxenham (Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota) Title: "New approaches to classic questions", CBSU Chaucer Club Series. Venue: MRC CBSU. Time: 15.30
12/05/15 Dr. Rachel Wayne (Queens University, Kingston, Ontario) will talk about “Working Memory Training and Speech-in-noise Understanding in Normal Hearing Older Adults”. Venue: MRC - CBU Seminar room. Time: 14.00
06/05/15 Dr. Stefano Cosentino (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit) Title: "Critical factors that affect measures of spatial selectivity in cochlear implant users", WLTS. Venue: MRC CBU Lecture Theatre, Cambridge. Time: 12:30
21/04/15 Dr. Bob Carlyon (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit) Title: "Measuring spatial selectivity with symmetric and asymmetric waveforms", Symposium on "Improving Performance with Cochlear Implant". Venue: UCL Ear Institute, London. Time: 9:40
14/04/15 Bertrand Fontaine (University of Leuven, Belgium) "Spectral-context effects on auditory processing: Neural correlates and functions" CBSU seminar, Venue: CBSU seminar room. Time: 14.15
13/04/15 Jacques Grange (Cardiff) "Realising the benefits of the head-shadow effect for cochlear-implant listeners" Hearing Group seminar, Venue: Physiology Department. Time: 14.15
09/03/15 Charles Liberman (Harvard/MIT) "New perspectives on cochlear nerve degeneration in acquired sensorineural hearing loss" Adrian Neuroscience seminar, Venue: Physiology Department. Time: 16.30
31/01/15 Alex Billig (MRC Cognition and Brain Science Unit, Cambridge) is giving a talk on: "Making Sense of Auditory Scenes" at the Robinson College Research Day.
29/01/15 Prof. Alan Palmer (MRC Institute of Hearing Research, Nottingham), How the brain exploits binaural hearing: more than just two bites of the cherry. CBSU Chaucer Club Series, Venue: MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Institute. Time: 15.30 - 16.30
12/12/14 Annual meeting for Hearing Research @ Cambridge. All welcome. Venue: St. John's College. Time: 12.30 - 17.30
13/11/14 Chaucer Club Seminar: Pascal Belin, Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone, Aix-Marseilles Université. Venue: MRC CBSU. Time: 15.30
10/11/14 Hearing Group Seminar: Towards a cognitive science of musical improvisation. Andrew Goldman, University of Cambridge. Venue: Craik Laboratory (ground floor seminar room). Time: 14.15
04/11/14 CamBRAIN group talk: Making sense of auditory scenes. Alex Billig, MRC CBU. Venue: Baroosh. Time: 6.30pm
30/10/14 Chaucer Club Seminar: Developmental aspects of understanding speech in noisy backgrounds. Prof. Stuart Rosen, UCL Speech, Hearing & Phonetic Sciences. Venue: MRC CBU. Time: 15.30
16/10/14 Chaucer Club Seminar: Exploring neural correlates of object formation in Auditory Cortex, Dr. Jennifer Bizley, Ear Institute, University College London. Venue: MRC CBU. Time: 15.30
09/10/14 Chaucer Club Seminar: Development, plasticity, and structure underlying auditory language comprehension and production. Fred Dick, Department of Psychological Sciences, Birkbeck, University of London. Venue: MRC CBU. Time: 15.30
01/05/14 Chaucer Club Seminar: Motor cortex and perception - from speech to laughter. Sophie Scott, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Venue: MRC CBU. Time: 15.30
08/09/14 Hearing Group Seminar: Processing of modulation and co-modulation; implications for the perception of environmental sounds. Dr. Bob Carlyon. Venue: MRC CBU. Time: 15.30
06/09/14 The effect of amplitude compression on the ability to hear out individual lines in music. Sara Madsen. Venue: Main Psychology Lecture Theatre. Time: 14.15
19/06/14 Hearing Group Seminar: Ongoing investigations of the Zwicker tone and the possibility of musical pitch in the absence of phase locking. Dr. Hedwig Gockel. Venue: MRC CBU. Time: 13.00
21/10/13 Local conference. Hearing research in Cambridge: the present and future

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