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Cambridge has a vibrant community of hearing researchers spread across a number of institutions and departments.

The community is multi-disciplinary including clinicians, physiologists, psychologists and engineers using a range of methodologies including electrophysiology, brain imaging, psychophysics, and computational modelling.

Our research reveals the neurobiological processing underpinning hearing, helps inform the design of hearing devices (including hearing aids and cochlear implants) and inspires new approaches to developing machine hearing systems that can separate sounds and recognise them.

Seminar notifications

Forthcoming hearing related seminars and talks in Cambridge are listed below, but for email notification please subscribe to our list. In addition the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit often hosts hearing related talks in its Chaucer Club series.

Forthcoming Events

17/11/17 William Campbell (Anglia Ruskin University) "Alternative Dynamic Range Compression Configuration for Improved Listener Preference." Venue: tba. Time: 2:15pm
08/12/17 Hearing Group Christmas Symposium. Time: 12.00-5.30 pm Location: Lightfoot Room, Divinity School, St. John’s College (If you wish to present a talk, please email a title to Dr. Bob Carylon by 17/11/17

Past Events


Dr. Carlos Jurado (UCL Ear Insitute) "The patterns of low-frequency loudness perception: a new look." Venue: Lecture theatre, Psychology Building, Downing Site. Time: 2:15pm


Livia de Hoz (Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine) "Subcoritcal processing of background statistics." Venue: Lecture theatre, CBU. Time: 11am


Dr. Brett Swanson (Cochlear Ltd.) "Cochlear Implant Pitch Perception." Venue: Lecture theatre, CBU. Time: 2:15pm


Rhodri Cusack (Trinity College, Dublin)"Neuroimaging of the emergence of cognition in infants and its clinical applications."

05/06/17 Laura Gwilliams (New York University) "In spoken word recognition, the future predicts the past." Venue: Lecture theatre, CBU. Time: 3pm
18/05/17 Jackson Graves (University of Minnesota) "Perception of Multiple Simultaneous Complex Pitches: Effects of Harmonic Resolvability." Venue: Lecture theatre, Psychology Building, Downing Site. Time: 2:15pm
08/02/17 Dr. Bob Carlyon (CBU) "Do PANIC! Hearing research at the CBSU." Venue: Lecture theatre, CBU. Time: 3:30pm
06/02/17 Dr. Bob Carlyon (CBU) "Signal Detection Theory: What it is and why you need it (please bring a calculator)." Venue: Seminar Room, CBU. Time: 4pm
15/12/16 Hearing Group Christmas Symposium. Time: 12.00-5.30 pm Location: Lightfoot Room, Divinity School, St. John’s College [ Final_programme_2016.pdf]
24/11/16 Prof. David Baguely (University of Nottingham) "Are we any closer to understanding and treating tinnitus?" Venue: Lecture theatre, CBU. Time: 3:30pm
17/11/16 Prof. Ingrid Johnsrude (University of Western Ontario) "How attention and sound quality affect how well we understand and remember speech." Venue: Lecture theatre, CBU. Time: 3:30pm

Dr. Richard Turner (University of Cambridge) "Intelligent hearing tests using Gaussian Processes." Venue: Lecture theatre, CBU. Time: 3:30pm


Prof. Tobias Moser (University of Göttingen). "Sound encoding in the cochlea: from molecular physiology to optogenetic restoration." Venue: Hodgkin-Huxley seminar room, PDN. Time: 4:30pm


Prof. Toshio Irino (University of Wakayama) and Dr. Roy Patterson will present an informal hearing group talk on "Measuring auditory filter gain and shape." Venue: Brian Matthews Room, PDN. Time: 2pm

23/09/16 Prof. Susan Shore (University of Michigan) "Desynchronizing a tinnitus circuit: from bench to bedside." Venue: Seminar room, CBU. Time: 2pm
13/09/16 Prof. Michael Akeroyd (MRC IHR, University of Nottingham) "Do hearing aids help to localize sounds?". Venue: Seminar room, CBU. Time: 2.15pm.
14/07/16 Dr. Issa Panahi (University of Dallas) "Smartphone Assisted Noise-Adaptive Speech Enhancement for Hearing Aids". Venue: Lecture Theatre, Psychology building, ground floor; Time: 2.15pm.
07/07/16 Prof. Bill Yost (University of Arizona) "Sound Source Localization When Listeners Move."". Venue: CBU Seminar room, Cambridge; Time: 1.00pm.
11/04/16 Prof. Chris Plack (University of Manchester) "Our (mostly futile) search for hidden hearing loss". Venue: CBU Lecture Theatre, Cambridge; Time: 2.15pm.
20/03/16 Dr. Stefano Cosentino (CBU) "Dual-stage algorithm to identify channels with poor electrode-to-neuron interface in cochlear implant users". ICASSP 2016, Shanghai, China.
08/02/16 Maria Chait (Ear Institute, UCL) "How the brain discovers patterns in sound sequences". Time: 14.15. Location: CBU Seminar Room, CB2 7EF.
04/12/15 Dr. Stefan Launer (Phonak(R), Switzerland), "Hearing Instrument Technologies - What features are we not addressing yet". Time: 14:15. Location: Ground floor Seminar room, Craik-Marshall building.
04/12/15 Event: Christmas Symposium. Time: 12.00-5.30 pm Location:Lightfoot Room, Divinity School, St. John’s College [FINAL PROGRAMME]
10/11/15 Dr. Stefano Cosentino (CBU, Cambridge), "Neural survival for cochlear implant users: what’s under the hood (but inside the cochlea)". Event: CBU Science Day. Location: CBU Lecture Theatre. Time: 15.20.
26/10/15 Dr. Tobias Reichenbach (Imperial College London), "Biophysics of the inner ear and beyond". Location: The Hodgkin Huxley Seminar Room, Department of Physiology Development and Neuroscience. Time: 16.30-18.00.
04/09/15 Dr. Bob Carlyon (CBU, Cambridge), Title:"Across-electrode variations in rate discrimination and gap detection in cochlear implant users". Location: BSA conference, Cardiff. Time: 10.00
01/09/15 Dr. Stefano Cosentino (CBU, Cambridge), Title:"Multistage nonlinear optimization to recover neural activation patterns from ECAPs". Location: CBL seminar room, no. 438, University of Cambridge. Time: 14.00
19/08/15 Joseph Schlittenlacher (Technische Universität Darmstadt), Title: "Measurement of loudness by simple reaction time". Location: ground floor of the main Psychology building, University of Cambridge. Time: 14:00
05/08/15 Dr. Jaime Serquera (Technische Universität Darmstadt), Title:"Music technology for tinnitus treatment within TINNET". Location: ground floor of the main Psychology building, University of Cambridge. Time: 14.15
11/06/15 Prof. Andrew Oxenham (Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota) Title: "New approaches to classic questions", CBSU Chaucer Club Series. Venue: MRC CBSU. Time: 15.30
12/05/15 Dr. Rachel Wayne (Queens University, Kingston, Ontario) will talk about “Working Memory Training and Speech-in-noise Understanding in Normal Hearing Older Adults”. Venue: MRC - CBU Seminar room. Time: 14.00
06/05/15 Dr. Stefano Cosentino (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit) Title: "Critical factors that affect measures of spatial selectivity in cochlear implant users", WLTS. Venue: MRC CBU Lecture Theatre, Cambridge. Time: 12:30
21/04/15 Dr. Bob Carlyon (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit) Title: "Measuring spatial selectivity with symmetric and asymmetric waveforms", Symposium on "Improving Performance with Cochlear Implant". Venue: UCL Ear Institute, London. Time: 9:40
14/04/15 Bertrand Fontaine (University of Leuven, Belgium) "Spectral-context effects on auditory processing: Neural correlates and functions" CBSU seminar, Venue: CBSU seminar room. Time: 14.15
13/04/15 Jacques Grange (Cardiff) "Realising the benefits of the head-shadow effect for cochlear-implant listeners" Hearing Group seminar, Venue: Physiology Department. Time: 14.15
09/03/15 Charles Liberman (Harvard/MIT) "New perspectives on cochlear nerve degeneration in acquired sensorineural hearing loss" Adrian Neuroscience seminar, Venue: Physiology Department. Time: 16.30
31/01/15 Alex Billig (MRC Cognition and Brain Science Unit, Cambridge) is giving a talk on: "Making Sense of Auditory Scenes" at the Robinson College Research Day.
29/01/15 Prof. Alan Palmer (MRC Institute of Hearing Research, Nottingham), How the brain exploits binaural hearing: more than just two bites of the cherry. CBSU Chaucer Club Series, Venue: MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Institute. Time: 15.30 - 16.30
12/12/14 Annual meeting for Hearing Research @ Cambridge. All welcome. Venue: St. John's College. Time: 12.30 - 17.30
13/11/14 Chaucer Club Seminar: Pascal Belin, Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone, Aix-Marseilles Université. Venue: MRC CBSU. Time: 15.30
10/11/14 Hearing Group Seminar: Towards a cognitive science of musical improvisation. Andrew Goldman, University of Cambridge. Venue: Craik Laboratory (ground floor seminar room). Time: 14.15
04/11/14 CamBRAIN group talk: Making sense of auditory scenes. Alex Billig, MRC CBU. Venue: Baroosh. Time: 6.30pm
30/10/14 Chaucer Club Seminar: Developmental aspects of understanding speech in noisy backgrounds. Prof. Stuart Rosen, UCL Speech, Hearing & Phonetic Sciences. Venue: MRC CBU. Time: 15.30
16/10/14 Chaucer Club Seminar: Exploring neural correlates of object formation in Auditory Cortex, Dr. Jennifer Bizley, Ear Institute, University College London. Venue: MRC CBU. Time: 15.30
09/10/14 Chaucer Club Seminar: Development, plasticity, and structure underlying auditory language comprehension and production. Fred Dick, Department of Psychological Sciences, Birkbeck, University of London. Venue: MRC CBU. Time: 15.30
01/05/14 Chaucer Club Seminar: Motor cortex and perception - from speech to laughter. Sophie Scott, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Venue: MRC CBU. Time: 15.30
08/09/14 Hearing Group Seminar: Processing of modulation and co-modulation; implications for the perception of environmental sounds. Dr. Bob Carlyon. Venue: MRC CBU. Time: 15.30
06/09/14 The effect of amplitude compression on the ability to hear out individual lines in music. Sara Madsen. Venue: Main Psychology Lecture Theatre. Time: 14.15
19/06/14 Hearing Group Seminar: Ongoing investigations of the Zwicker tone and the possibility of musical pitch in the absence of phase locking. Dr. Hedwig Gockel. Venue: MRC CBU. Time: 13.00
21/10/13 Local conference. Hearing research in Cambridge: the present and future